Why you should join in #HearingLossHour

Why you should join in #HearingLossHour

Living through this pandemic, with its risks and various lockdown rules, is putting a strain on all of us.

For those of us with hearing loss, we face additional difficulties to hearing people - distancing making it harder to hear what people are saying, mask making it impossible to lipread, and the feeling of isolation growing...

On Tuesday 2 June, we will continue discussing how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting us - collectively and as individuals.

I may pose a few questions to get the discussion going, but the hour is really a time and place for all of us to ask for and give support, share successes, but also difficulties. Ask other network members how they are getting on. Find out which communication tools are working for others.

Please join us tomorrow. It's good to talk!

About #HearingLossHour

#HearingLossHour is one hour a month when people with hearing loss come together on Twitter to give support, share tips, and discuss issues that affect them. It's been going for over five years.

Last month on Tuesday 5 May, we started discussing 'Using technology to overcome communication barriers during the pandemic'. It was a lively session, and we reached 26,358 organic impressions with our tweets from the @hearinglosshour account that day - plus all the tweets from all of you using the hashtag #HearingLossHour!

There is strength in numbers! You are not alone!

Let's continue our discussion.

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