Telephones and hearing loss

When it comes to using the telephone, the ability to hear is pretty much a prerequisite. But what if you can't hear well enough to use an ordinary landline or mobile phone? What are the alternatives?

That's what we'll be exploring in October's #Hearinglosshour - our live monthly Twitter Q&A session.

Here are the questions and the times they will be asked on Wednesday 3rd October 2018.

Don't forget to use the Twitter search facility and search for #hearinglosshour - Latest tweets - to see the live discussion.

There's no need to include my account name in your replies - just add the hashtag: I'll see your tweet and everyone else will too!

Hope you can join us!





November's topic

Here's a heads-up about next month's topic. It was so popular in our recent poll that we've decided to make it the topic for November.

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