Portrayal of deaf people in the media

This month, during #HearingLossHour, we'll be discussing the media's portrayal of deaf people/people with hearing loss and how the portrayals make you feel.

We'll be discussing...

Which TV shows have got it spot on for you and which fall a long way from the mark?

Are there any characters you identify with - and why?

Which movies have made you cheer and which have made you cringe with their portrayal of a deaf character?

And what about the news? Do you think deaf people are portrayed in a particular way? Is there anything you would like to see change?

As for adverts, how do you think they're doing with their portrayal of deaf characters?

My Number One for 'Best Portrayal of Hearing Loss'

Genevieve Barr in The Silence.

Photo- Screenshot from BBC website

What's your favourite portrayal?

Here are a few characters, films and shows people have tweeted to me this week:

More Films featuring deaf people or people with hearing loss.

Running order

1.05pm - Q1

1.20pm - Q2

1.35pm - Q3

1.45pm- Q4

Please wait until the question has been shared live before posting your replies. Thanks!

And, don't forget to include #HearingLossHour (rather than @hearinglosshour) in your tweet.

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