Living through the lockdown with hearing loss

This month's #HearingLossHour will be (as they say in footballing circles) a game of two halves.

The first half an hour will be devoted to discussing how everyone is getting on with their different stages of lockdown.

How are you coping now that more people are wearing masks? Do you and your partner/friends feel obliged to use a mask even though people are exmpt if the person they're with is a lipreader (well, that's the case here in Scotland).

The second half of the hour will be devoted to a lighthearted look at sharing our hearing bloopers - what we think we heard as opposed to what was actually said. Let's face it - we could all do with a laugh!

I hope you can join us for a socially distanced chat to help combat the isolation many of us are feeling at this time.

Tweet you later,


#HearingLossHour #lockdown #hearingloss

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