HearingLossHour: Have your say

We'd like you to help us shape the future of the #hearinglosshour experience.

What would you like to discuss over the coming months?

For the next edition, we'll have the usual format, but what should our topic be?

Here's what we've discussed over the past couple of years, but we're happy to revisit topics if they prove popular. We'll post the top suggestions as a Twitter poll.

Previous topics:

(Please excuse broken links to Storify summaries in some posts. I used to summarise the whole discussion via Storify, but the service is no longer available.)

Feedback, please

#Hearinglosshour is a community. As part of that community, you're invited to have your say, not just on the topics we discuss, but on the format of the session too.

I started #hearinglosshour to help combat the social isolation that sometimes accompanies hearing loss. I also hoped that, by having the discussions in a public arena - i.e. on Twitter - others would learn more about the challenges of living with hearing loss, and that this would help combat the stigma of hearing loss and hearing aid use.

So, with all that in mind, how are we doing? And what do you think of these different elements of #hearinglosshour?

  1. How useful are monthly summary blog posts? (If I write them, will you read them?)

  2. How do you find the 4-question format?

  3. Would you prefer more questions?

  4. Would you prefer fewer questions?

  5. Would you like there to be co-hosts or guest hosts? If so, what would you like them to do?

  6. What other format would you like to see and how would you see it working?

  7. Should we continue with the Facebook page? If so, what would you like to see on there?

Please email or tweet your answers to @hearinglosshour.

#hearinglosshour #hearingloss #hearingaids

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