Has hearing loss affected your career choices?

On Wednesday 3rd April, we'll be inviting you to join the live discussion about hearing loss and its impact on career choices.

We'd like to hear about your experiences - good, bad, and ugly.

Did you change career because of your hearing loss? Do you now feel happier as a result?

Did you have to leave a job because of your hearing loss - or retire through ill-health?

Perhaps you chose to become self-employed to avoid communication issues or job interviews?

Have you chosen a career in the world of hearing care or campaigning for disability rights as a direct result of your hearing loss?

Do you have advice for others who are struggling with their hearing loss at work?

Whatever your story, we'd love you to share it with us. Join us at 1pm* UK time on Wednesday 3rd April.

* If you're joining us from outside the UK, please note that we put the clocks forward one hour this weekend and we are now on British Summertime.

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