Theatre captions: What you've been missing

If all theatre was mime...

or ballet...

... then, being deaf wouldn't impact on our ability to understand the plot.

But it's not all mime, ballet or modern dance, is it?

The majority of theatrical performances include dialogue and plots you would only be able to follow if you knew what the characters were saying.

So, #HearingLossHour on Tuesday 4th February, will be co-hosted by @Stagetext, who will be sharing lots of information about their work making theatre performances accessible to those of us who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Please join us at 1pm on Twitter when we'll be asking the following questions...






Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences!


#hearinglossfriendly #hearingloss #hardofhearing #deaf #captions #accessible #theatre #UK #Stagetext

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