How to survive a family Christmas

December's discussion is all about how to survive a family Christmas when you have hearing loss. I know that for some people with hearing loss the thought of parties, work's meals out and even family gatherings can bring on feelings of stress.

Join us for #HearingLossHour, where we will be sharing tales of thoughtful friends and family members - and possibly the odd horror story about a work's do or family party - and where we can share tips about how we've handled difficult situations that may result from a lack of understanding about how our hearing loss affects us in group settings.

  • Hearing people don't always understand how difficult communication can be for us when there is a lot of background noise.

  • Family members may not realise how upsetting it can be to be denied access to 'the subtitles' (closed captions) on TV.

  • Everyone who takes part in HearingLossHour understands. We're in the same boat, which means we can empathise, share experiences - and have a giggle at the silly things that might otherwise get us down.

Here are the questions, but the session will be a general discussion where all participants can ask questions or introduce their own stories on the theme of 'communication and Christmas'.

Don't forget, this month we'll be hosting #HearingLossHour, not on Wednesday, but on Friday. (It's my birthday on Wednesday, so I won't be around on Twitter.) I hope the change of date won't put you off taking part and I look forward to tweeting with you!

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