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Well, what an interesting hour that was for July's #HearingLossHour. We went on quite a journey. Many thanks to everyone who managed to take part, despite the glorious weather tempting us outside this lunchtime. I think our time-travelling adventure was fun. Thanks for entering into the spirit of it!

The theme was 'Going back in time' to help our younger selves with tips, advice and recommendations about living with hearing loss.

Summary of Questions and Answers

Q1. Summary of tips:

1. Plan ahead

2. Take a list of questions

3. Take a hearing person as a note-taker

4. Ask for a copy of the audiogram.

Top comment to younger self: "Don’t be afraid to speak up and say things like ‘I find that tiny soundproof room claustrophobic, please leave the door open.’ Or ‘please don’t make both moulds at the same time as it’s quite scary.’" @Deafgirly

Q2. Summary of tips about support networks:

1. Join a lipreading class

2. Your family can often be your main support network

3. Join in #hearinglosshour

4. Join Facebook groups for people with hearing loss

5. Contact @ActionOnHearing

6. Read:

Q3. Summary of tips

1. Be clear about your communication needs

2. Communication is two-way (Meet me half-way!)

3. Ask for support

4. Invite members of your family to ask questions about your hearing loss

5. Give your family a break; it's a tough experience for them too.

Q4. Summary of tips:

1. Be kind to yourself

2. Make best use of technology/strategies to manage it

3. Connect with like-minded people

4. Join a support group

5. Accept it's not a top priority for others

6. Find a way to still access the things you enjoy.

Top comment to younger self: "You are fabulous and you can be anything you want to be. There’s support out there to help you achieve your goals." @DeafTraveller

Q5. Summary of tips:

1. Always ask your audiologist about new technology

2. Ask for a free trial before purchasing new technology

3. Ask for equipment at work and at events if it will help you

4. @Stagetext

If you have an idea for a topic you'd like to discuss in the coming months, please tweet it to @hearinglosshour.

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