Single-sided hearing loss, and single-sided hearing - Similarities and differences

This month, we will be discussing the issues of single-sided hearing loss, and single-sided hearing in #HearingLossHour. I hope you can join us.

Single-sided hearing loss

'Single-sided hearing loss' is when you have a normal level of hearing in one ear while their other ear has a hearing loss of some degree (but not profound). It is also sometimes referred to as 'unilateral hearing loss'.

With this type of hearing loss, it may be that a hearing aid could restore the balance to your hearing.

Single-sided hearing

Single-sided hearing' refers to having no hearing at all in one ear and any degree of hearing in the other - could be good, could be minimal. This is sometimes referred to as 'profound unilateral hearing loss'.

With this type of loss, there are three types of hearing device you may wish to investigate:

- CROS sytstem

- Bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA)

- Cochlear implant (CI)

Join us

Please share the invitation to your friends. The more, the merrier!

Don't forget, there is just ONE #hearinglosshour and it takes place at 1pm UK time.

If you have bi-lateral hearing loss, we hope you'll still join in as some of the issues we will be discussing apply to anyone with any type of hearing loss.

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