New website for #HearingLossHour

As you can see, it's all change here at #HearingLossHour: new branding and whole new website:

Each month, I will be adding summaries of the live Twitter Q&As to the blog. I'll also add the relevant resources and links that have been shared during the hour to the resources pages on the website.

I'll still be tweeting from @hearinglosshour but I have now closed the old @h_loss_friendly account.

You can also find us on Facebook:

If you've been struggling to find time to take part in our 1pm session, don't worry! We run the session again live from 7pm, also on the first Wednesday of the month.

It really is time to talk about hearing loss. Let's end the stigma. End the loneliness. Let's shine a light on this subject which is so often ignored. Let's come together once a month and talk about our hearing loss.

#hearinglosshour #whatishearinglosshour #AngieAspinall

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