Accessing the Arts when you have hearing loss


This month's #HearingLossHour is all about 'Accessing theatre, cinema and the Arts'.

We'd love you to join in and share your experiences - good and bad. We will try and engage with as many service providers as possible during the hour.

Let's see if we can get our topic trending!

How to take part

  • Join us on Twitter from 1pm (GMT).

  • Tell all your Twitter friends about #hearinglosshour so they can join in too.

  • Use the search box on Twitter to find all live tweets using the hashtag '#hearinglosshour'.

  • Add '#hearinglosshour' to each of your tweets to enable all participants to see them.

  • If you have an audiology question related to accessing the arts, use #askanexpert #hearinglosshour

We love sharing

  • Feel free to add links to any blog posts you've written about accessing the Arts.

  • Tell us about any accessible performances coming to your local area and we'll retweet your posts.

December's Questions

As always, the lovely Sabine has provided us with some whizzy graphics of our questions so, please get sharing them via your networks. (Thank Sabine!)

For more information on how to take part in #Hearinglosshour, click here.

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