#HearingLossHour, 5th October 2016: 'A Visit to the Audiologist'

If you've been struggling with your hearing, sooner or later you'll need to visit an audiologist for a hearing test. This month's #HearingLossHour focuses on 'A visit to the audiologist' - When to go, what to expect, questions to ask, who to take with you - that sort of thing.

There will be audiologists taking part so you can ask them a question and get an answer in real time. There will also be those of us who've had hearing loss a long time and we will share tips and experiences too.

If you have a question or something to share, I hope you'll join us. If you can't take part live, feel free to tweet me in advance - or use Hootsuite (or similar) to schedule your tweets. Don't forget to include the hashtag '#hearinglosshour' so everyone can see your tweets.

#hearinglosshour #hearingloss #hearigntest #audiology #audiologist #hearingaids #deafbess #hearingimpairment

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