Questions for September's #hearinglosshour

Whether or not you're in full-time education, September always feel like 'Back to School': it feels like a time of new beginnings.

This is a busy - and sometimes stressful - time for parents, as children start new schools or new lessons but, as the saying goes, "A problem shared is a problem halved." So, whether you're a parent of a child with hearing loss, a student or a teacher with hearing loss, you're invited to share your worries with the rest of us during #hearinglosshour. We'll be there to listen and try and help.

The questions for this month are:

  1. If you had hearing loss as a child, what support did you get from your teachers or friends?

  2. What advice/tips do you have for parents about what to say to teachers about their child’s hearing loss?

  3. What resources are available for parents to give to teachers to help them better understand hearing loss?

  4. What tips do you have for anyone starting college or university who is shy about talking about their hearing loss?

  5. What strategies or technologies have you found useful in a classroom or lecture theatre?

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