#hearinglosshour 3rd August 2016: Hobbies, activities and hearing loss

Since moving to Scotland a few months ago, I have a fabulous new garden to get stuck into so, I'm making the most of the good weather and enjoying one of my favourite pastimes - gardening. It's something you can do regardless of your hearing ability and I love that about it! With summer in full swing, hopefully, you're getting the opportunity to indulge in your favourite hobbies too.

On Wednesday 3rd August, we'll be talking about hobbies, activities and hearing loss during #hearinglosshour. I hope you can join us on Twitter from 1pm to 2pm (GMT).

Here are this month's questions:

Q1. Have your hobbies changed as a result of your hearing loss? If they have, what have you stopped doing and what new hobbies have you discovered?

Q2. How does your hearing ability impact on your enjoyment of your hobbies?

Q3. In what way does your hearing loss - or your hearing aids/CI make a difference to your enjoyment of your favourite hobby?

Q4. What hobbies or activities would you recommend to someone new to hearing loss?

Please share these questions via social media.

Best wishes,



#hearinglosshour takes place on the first Wednesday of every month between 1pm and 2pm (UK time). If this will be your first #hearinglosshour, you can check out the information about how it works here.

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