The art of communication

This month's #hearinglosshour is all about 'communication'

There are lots of lists and infographics floating about on social media about 'top tips for communicating with someone with hearing loss' - but what about tips for the person with hearing loss? What can you do to aid your communication with others?

This month, you're invited you to share your tips and experiences with other people via our lunchtime Twitter hour, #hearinglosshour. Or, if you're new to having hearing loss and have questions you'd like to ask, please join in and add the hashtag '#hearinglosshour' to your tweet.

I created #hearinglosshour in the hope of combating some of the isolation that often goes hand in hand with hearing loss. If the information shared helps just one person every month, then I'm happy to keep the hour going! If you enjoy it, please tweet about it and help spread the news. And, to those of you who are already helping to spread the word and encourage others to be involved,

"Thank you! "

#hearinglosshour takes place on the first Wednesday of every month between 1pm and 2pm (UK time). If this will be your first #hearinglosshour, you can check out the information about how it works here.

I hope you enjoy #hearinglosshour as much as I do!

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