If music be the food of love, are you hungry?

Can you be deaf and enjoy music? Well, the latest Smirnoff advert suggests that you can.

What do you think?

"How has hearing loss affected your love of music - listening to it, playing it or dancing to it?"

That's the theme of April's #hearinglosshour - 'hearing loss and listening to music'.

We're inviting you to join us on Twitter between 1pm and 2pm (GMT) on Wednesday 6th April to share your experiences about hearing loss and music.

Perhaps you use assistive technology to listen to music from your mobile phone or tablet? Others might like to know more about that and how it works.

Perhaps you've had to give up playing a musical instrument because of your hearing loss - we're here to listen to how that made you feel.

I used to be a music journalist but, after my sudden hearing loss, I haven't been to a single gig.

How has your hearing loss affected you and your love of music - tell us over lunch.

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