Acknowledging your hearing loss and seeking help

Today's #hearinglosshour trended as the 37th most talked about topic in the UK between 1pm and 2pm today. I'm quite proud of that achievement as this is an idea I've been plugging away at for just over a year in the hope that it will help lessen the stigma around hearing loss and the use of hearing aids and other devices.

Since the demise of Topsy Analytics, it's hard to find reliable free tools to measure the reach and influence of a Tweets using a specific hashtag. One resource I tried said the stats for today were:

But another site suggested there were around 707 Tweets (not 382) - but it would only analyse 100 of them for free:

Using Storify, I picked up around 200 Tweets and here they are:

To make sure don't miss another #hearinglosshour, why not sign up to our reminder service?

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