Do you remember the first time?

This month's #hearinglosshour is all about coming to terms with having hearing loss - acknowledging to yourself that you have hearing loss, seeking help and telling others.

According to UK charity, Action on Hearing Loss, “on average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss”. We’re hoping that the positive stories shared during #hearinglosshour will encourage others to take that first step towards seeking help.

To further help people, this month we've teamed up with Phonak who are providing two of their Audiologists who will be on hand to answer your questions. Tweet @Phonak with the hashtag '#audiologist' alongside '#hearinglosshour' during the live twitter session.

Don't forget, you can sign up for reminders to #hearinglosshour here.

Here are the dates and themes for future #hearinglosshours:

  • 2nd March 2016 - Acknowledging your hearing loss and seeking help

  • 6th April 2016 - Listening to music

  • 4th May 2016 - Holidays/travel

  • 1st June 2016 - Communication tips

  • 6th July 2016 - Counselling/meditation/mindfulness

  • 3rd August 2016 - Hobbies and activities

  • 7th September 2016 - School/college/work environments

  • 5th October 2016 - Relaxation and alternative therapies

  • 2nd November 2016 - Sporting activities

  • 7th December 2016 - Family gatherings

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