In praise of excellent customer care

Well, what an interesting hour we just had for our first ever daytime #hearing losshour. After 12 months of evening sessions, we decided to move to a lunchtime slot to broaden our appeal and make the hour more accessible to working people and those struggling with family commitments between 7 and 8pm.

Between 1pm and 2pm today, we had #hearinglosshour with a focus on 'customer care'.

Our first question was:

Here are some of the answers we received:

  • Thank you to the lady @sainsburys Shorehead, Huddersfield who kept the looped till open for me today #hearinglosshour #customercare

  • #HearingLossHour always found shops/cafes good since I developed the confidence to be pro-active to tell staff member & how they could help

  • ALWAYS having an email address and receiving a quick response!

  • We agree! Our customers say they love being able to email us & know we'll reply the same day #hearinglosshour

  • It's great when companies are more understanding after you've told them about deafness and they still help! #hearinglosshour

  • One of the best customer services is @BritishGasHelp - they will go above and beyond to sort things without using phone

  • Also really impressed with @lv - they have live chat on website and also are flexible about others calling on my behalf

  • Had great experience in CasaCruz restaurant in London. There to review acoustics and sound - v well done.

  • Another great company who will always sort stuff without phone calls is @DPD_UK - quick to respond and lovely

  • Selfridges amazing too. emailed them to ask something and they said to call. Explained deafness and they sorted it for me

  • It's great when companies are more understanding after you've told them about deafness and they still help!

  • Love @CountryAttire - they have live chat function and sorted out order problem with easy. No phones needed! Hurrah!!

  • @EurostarUK fantastic with me when travelling to brussels last year, made everything less stressful.

  • @EurostarUK assisted me through passport control, took me to platform and even seated me on board the train.

  • A shout out for @sainsburys too. First class loop provision in Stirling. It was switched on, worked fab & staff clued up!

  • @asda astley bridge and Bury @Tesco have been brilliant with me, patient and repeating themselves even when stores are busy

  • Forgot to mention @RBSGroup i visit the bank often loops always working ,staff friendly and attentive astley bridge branch

Answers to Question 2:

  • Still seeing a lot of tick-the-box customer service, eg portable loops that sit on shelves but do no good to anyone!

  • Totally agree portable loops gathering dust (Boots, I'm looking at you) are no use. Neither are loops not turned on.

  • All my customer service gripes are phone related. Biggest bugbear is when you have to call and they don't speak any clearer

  • Access to business events, training etc can be desperately poor. Often no mics in use or room loops.

  • Talking about 'costumer service' my university told me to just sit at the front of the class [Non-UK Tweeter}]

  • @HMRCgovuk Tax office is the worst! Never accessible!

  • l love @HMRCgovuk - got face-to-face local appointment within three days of contacting them. Really helpful

If your business excels in customer care for people withhearing loss, you may be eligible for a Sounds Good charter mark. Read all about it, here.

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If you would like to discuss staff training, we provide the following courses:

  • Excellence in customer care for people with hearing loss

  • Doing the right thing: legislation, policies and procedures

  • Having the right thing: equpment for people with hearing loss

  • Saying the right thing: putting spa guests at ease

  • Hearing loops and you

  • Making your establishment accessible to all

  • Social media training: how to reach more customers

  • Developing a marketing stategy

Click here to download our training brochure.

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