How was it for you? The great customer care debate for people with hearing loss

This month, #HearingLossHour is moving to a new timeslot: 1-2pm GMT (from 7-8pm). Our Twitterhour will still take place on the first Wednesday of the month. So, why the change?

Well, a few reasons really - but primarily, we're hoping the new daytime/lunchtime slot will enable more people to take part.

#HearingLossHour is one hour a month dedicated time and space for us deafies to get together and talk about issues which matter to us, and to share our stories, blog posts, tips and advice. It's also a great opportunity for us to engage with a wider audience and raise awareness about what it's like to live with hearing loss and what society can do to improve things for us in terms of access to services and information.

A lunch-time slot will, hopefully mean that lots of people with hearing loss will be able to join in on their lunchbreak and, a daytime Twitter hour will hopefully be more likely to get on the radar of the big hotel chains, cinemas, theatres, visitor attractions, banks and supermarkets, etc and enable us to achieve greater awareness-raising than our evening slot.

We know that living with hearing loss can be isolating but we also know that social media can be liberating, empowering, fun, informative and a force for change so, we're inviting you to harness the power of social media by joining us for a chat on Twitter once a month.

#HearingLossHour is a way of bringing people together for a lively lunchtime chat - 1-2pm (UK time) on the first Wednesday of every month. We chat about living with hearing loss and swap tips, advice and experiences. See our blog for each month's questions and round-ups.

Businesses and local organisations are also welcome to follow and join in the chat and we hope we can encourage businesses more accessible for people with hearing loss.

If you're new to Twitter hours and hashtags, read all about how it works here. Use the Twitter search page to follow the conversation and make sure you add the hashtag '#HearingLossHour' to your tweets so everyone can see them.

The best way to join in #hearinglosshour is to use the Twitter search page to view the tweets (rather than relying on your timeline). By using the search page, you will see ALL the tweets using our hashtag - and not just the tweets of people you follow.

When taking part in the Twitter hour, please make sure you add #hearinglosshour to every tweet so that everyone can see it.

Remember, if you click on 'Reply' and start a tweet with '@someonesname' - your tweet will only be seen by people who follow you both. In the interest of being inclusive, please post all tweets with the hashtag #hearinglosshour rather than using 'Reply' so that anyone can join in the conversation. Thanks.

For more information on how the Twitter hour works, please click here.

As always on #HearingLossHour, we like to pose some questions, which we tweet throughout the hour. Here are the questions for 3rd February 2016:

#Hearinglosshour is brought to you by Hearing Loss Friendly and our accessibility consultancy, Access Solutions.

Follow us on Twitter: @HearingLosshour, @_AccessSolution and @Access_Julie.

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