How has hearing loss affected your work or hobbies?

#hearinglosshour is a monthly gathering of people with hearing loss, which takes place on Twitter. We launched it in February 2015 and have covered many different topics so far but the engagement has not been as big as we'd hoped. January's #hearinglosshour had the following amount of engagement (as monitored one after the Twitter hour:

You can read a summary of tweets which used the hashtag during the hour in January on our Storify story.

On our first birthday, in February 2016, we are re-launching #hearinglosshour with a new time: 1-2pm (GMT), still on the first Wednesday of every month. This way, people can participate in their lunchbreaks and also we hope to be able to encourage more professionals to participate in our discussions - be they about hospitals, banks, hotels or whatever. Let's try it and see!

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