Driving everyone loopy


Well, from last night's #Hearinglosshour, it seems I'm not the only one struggling to find shops, banks and other facilities with working induction loops. (Since having my T-setting activated, I've found one working loop and five not working in my local shops, bank and railway station.)

Last night, people were also flagging up that their Audiologist had either failed to offer them a T-setting option or had added one but failed to explain how loops worked and so, for a myriad of reasons, the majority of participants last night were not getting the benefit of using induction loops.

If you missed last night's discussion, you can check it out here.

There were lots of conversations flowing where people got so involved in chatting that they forgot to add the hashtag so, unfortunately, those discussions are missing, but if you hop onto Twitter, you should be able to follow the threads on people's timelines.

If you'd like to join in next month, please make a note in your diary: 7-8pm (GMT) Wednesday 6th May 2015.

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