April Fool's Day: how having hearing loss is no joke

So many jokes are made at the expense of deaf people but living with hearing loss is no joke.

How many times when you've said you're deaf or that you have hearing loss has some wit said, "Pardon?", cupped their ear and expected you to laugh at their comedy genius? It gets a bit wearing doesn't it?

So, knowing that hearing loss is no joke, we thought we'd open up our first ever April Fool's Day #Hearinglosshour to another subject which is no joke: the lack of hearing/induction loops at places where they should be: theatres, cinemas, conference centres, hotel, banks, supermarkets, opticians, pharmacies and so on.

Over on the Access Solutions website, we've just launched a page of information about Hearing Loops, what they do, how they work and the UK legislation which governs their provision and yet our personal experiences of finding establishments with working loops - and staff who understand how to use them to help communicate with those of us with hearing aids (with T settings) - is disappointingly poor.

At Access Solutions, we've partnered with leading loop manufacturers Ampetronic so we can signpost clients to qualified loop installers in order to help them improve their offer to customers with hearing loss and so we can feature them here on Hearing Loss Friendly as accessible providers. So far, we found more establishments in need of loops than providing loops. Is that your experience too?

So, this month, during #hearinglosshour, here's what we're asking you:

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Q2 April.jpg
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