#hearinglosshour's hot topics for 4th March: #banks #relationships

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#Hearinglosshour - 7-8pm 4th March 2015

Topics suggested by some of February's #hearinglosshour's participants were: 'Banks and access for people with hearing loss' and 'How to deal with arguments arising from communication difficulties in relationships'. So, we will be broaching both of these thorny topics during the next #hearinglosshour on 4th March. (I'm not sure if this is bravery or madness on my part - only time will tell!)

I've tweeted major banks and invited them to join in and tell us about their good practice so that we can see which are hearing loss friendly and taking our needs on board. I'm also hoping the banks will take the time to listen to our issues and hopefully work with us to make any necessary improvements.

So far, only Barclays has agreed to take part and I have to say, their enthusiasm is refreshing! We look forward to other banks taking the opportunity to tell us what they're doing to meet our access needs.

Please bear in mind that anyone tweeting on behalf of a bank will not be able to answer specific questions about a service you did or didn't receive and that you should refer those sorts of questions to the manager of your local branch.

Our hour's not about confrontation: it's about having an open dialogue, sharing and promoting best practice so, please join in with this spirit.

Here are the questions for the next #hearinglosshour, which takes place 7-8pm GMT, Wednesday 4th March 2015.

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