First ever #hearinglosshour - How was it for you?

If it's not too personal a question, "How was it for you? Your first time?" #Hearinglosshour, I mean! What did you think I meant..? Really! (D-G, are you sniggering?)

If you took part in the first ever #hearinglosshour on Twitter on 4th February, thank you! I hope you had a good time, made some useful connections and learned something and/or shared something. What did you think of it? Will you do it again?

I think having four questions was a tad ambitious on my part so, I think we may stick to one or two next time. What do you think?

If you missed the tweets on 4th Feb, don't worry: click on this link to read all the tweets that used the hashtag (#hearinglosshour) and you'll see what you missed.

Here are all the dates for 2015 - and I hope to see you there:

#hearinglosshour #angieaspinall

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