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Dating tips for people with hearing loss

#Hearinglosshour is a real time and a virtual place for people with hearing loss to get together once a month to chat about living well with hearing loss, to support one another, and to share tips and experiences.

#Hearinglosshour takes place on Twitter at 1pm (GMT) on the first Wednesday of the month. Each month, there's a new topic.

As Valentine's Day is fast-approaching, February's topic is...

Dating, relationships, and hearing loss

Join in to share your dating and relationship tips, experiences, worries and hopes.

Here are the questions I'll be posting during the hour. To join in, type A1, A2, A3 or A4 before your answers - and don't forget to include the hashtag. #hearinglosshour. There are always other questions along the way. Anyone can ask a question.

Look out for the summary of tweets from #Hearinglosshour on the Phonak Community Blog:

#hearingloss #dating #relationships #whenshouldItellsomeoneIhavehearingloss #hearinglosshour

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