My knowledge and understanding of Hearing Loss

I started to learn about hearing loss, communication and technology at the lipreading classes I attended at my local college. I attended classes for two years.


I've also done a lot of reading and research into hearing loss, particularly Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. My goal is to get the condition recognised as a medical emergency and for there to be protocols developed on the response and treatment of this life-changing condition.

I am also interested in the emotional impact of hearing loss and would like to see specialist counselling made readily available.

I have no medical training and I am unable to give advice about hearing loss, however, I can share my experiences and hope that doing so, may help others. 

I'm Angie. I live in Scotland with my husband, Richard, and our rescue Westies, Tilly and Henry.

My Hearing Loss

When I was thirty, I started losing my hearing in my right ear due to Otosclerosis, which then developed in my left ear a few years later.


In April 2011, I suffered sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my 'good' ear. I received no treatment. The loss was profound - and permanent. For seven months, I was unable to hear much of anything. Then, I discovered the Phonak CROS. It gave me back my life. You can read the story of my sudden deafness, and the 'switch on' of my first CROS on the Hearing Like Me blog.


About me


I work part-time as a Marketing Officer and part-time at  Aspinall Ink where I do PR, copywriting, and journalism.

As a freelance journalist, I write for Coast Magazine, LandScape Magazine, Dog Friendly Magazine, and a range of international travel websites.

Before that, I worked in local government for seventeen year, the last seven of which were spent as a training and development officer. 

After leaving local government, I worked in the hearing loss sector and also as an accessibility consultant, specialising in access for people with hearing loss; during which time, I co-developed and co-delivered 'Access for All' training on behalf of Visit England. You can see me in action on YouYube.


In 2012, I became a blogger for Phonak's Open Ears blog, the precursor to Hearing Like Me. I started to write about hearing loss, hearing technology and medical research. 


I have also written about living with hearing loss for The Limping Chicken, The Hearing Times and Access magazine. In 2014, I was the runner-up in the UK Blog Awards for my blogs for The Limping Chicken.


In 2015, I was commissioned by Phonak to write the CROS II Brochure, and a leaflet about living with single-sided hearing: 'Single-sided hearing and you'.  I'm now a Phonak hEARo, and the Product Ambassador for the Phonak CROS II. I have given talks on my experience of sudden hearing loss, and CROS II in the UK, Ireland and Greece.

I have been commissioned to write a book about my experience of sudden hearing loss so, watch this space.

If you would like to contact me to discuss a writing or speaking engagement, please email me.