There's a time to talk about hearing loss

That time is #hearinglosshour


1pm (UK), 1st Tuesday of the month

#Hearinglosshour takes place on Twitter at 1pm (UK time) on the first Wednesday of the month. #HearingLosshour is supported by Rayovac. 

About #HearingLossHour

Why #HearingLossHour?

It's time

to talk about hearing loss 

In 2015, I launched #HearingLossHour as a time to talk about hearing loss, once a month on Twitter, in the hope that it would help others with hearing loss to feel less isolated. A year later, Phonak sponsored the hour to ensure its continuation. 

In 2018, Royovac became the new sponsor of #HearingLossHour.


#HearingLossHour now takes place at 1pm on the first Tuesday of the month. We hope you'll join us because it really is time to talk about hearing loss."


Angie Aspinall, Founder, #Hearinglosshour


"When I lost my hearing suddenly, I felt quite isolated. I found it too hard to communicate with people face-to-face, and I didn't know anyone my age who had hearing loss.


Using Twitter helped me to connect with people without the need to hear them, and helped overcome the feeling of isolation. 


With a friend, I set up #Yorkshirehour, a weekly business networking event on Twitter. It was a great success, and that got me thinking: could a #HearingLossHour help bring people together in the same way?